Key product features and benefits

Save time & reduce costs

We all communicate in order to get work done. Better communication saves you time and money. Hold virtual meetings with ease, automate mundane takes, securely access information you need from anywhere and more. Now you can focus on changing the world.

Automated & Secure Email

We support the latest email standards for secure email delivery and receipt. Optionally encrypt all your emails with a private key. Automate using filters and our development API.

Engaging Events

Events are customized to your needs. Share your screen or video, edit content together, track assignments, and share attachments. Whether it's a business meeting or a public concert, your event is better with EndFirst.

Access & Share Files Securely

Whether you're in the office or around the globe, secure access to files is key to a successful business. Your files are always available and always stored and transmitted with the most secure encryption available.

Contacts as they should be

Contacts help us stay in touch. With EndFirst you'll always have access to your employee directory as well as your own personal and business contacts.

Trusted, secure and private

Your data is yours and yours alone, and you deserve reliable and secure access! No government, organization, or individual should have unauthorized access to your information. We use industry proven encryption and host on our own servers customized for your communication needs.

Audio, video and screen sharing

With pervasive remote working, video collaboration has become a must-have for many businesses. EndFirst makes it possible to connect effortlessly and share seamlessly.

Personalized for your business

Branding helps companies build a trusting relationship with customers. Build that trust by having your own domain name for your website, email and communications. Allow EndFirst to manage all the confusing DNS records and domain settings for you. No hassle and worry free.

To-do lists to manage work

Tracking work that needs to be done doesn't need to be a chore with EndFirst. There are individual to-do lists as well as project, team and company lists. Manage your work how it makes sense.

Instant message co-workers

Sometimes it's just quicker to ask a question over IM than it is to pick up the phone or send an email. Chat securely with co-workers and enjoy the "instant" in messaging.

Open Source transparency

No one likes to be kept in the dark. What do other communication providers REALLY do with your data? With EndFirst you don't have to guess because our source code is open for review at any time. Open source fosters innovation, unrivaled security, and trust.

Happy customers & employees

People thrive when work and play are exciting. EndFirst helps to automate the monotony and brings new life to events. Connect better with customers, make events more fun and engaging, and speed communication. Bring happiness to your workplace and customers.

Create & edit together

Editing content with a team via email is so yesterday! EndFirst brings collaborative content editing to everyone. Reduce re-work, copying and pasting and re-formatting.

Reduce manual errors

Try counting to 1000 without making a mistake. While humans may not be good at tasks like this, computers are great. EndFirst gives you tools and computing power to give repetitive communication tasks to the computer where they belong. Error rates go down and satisfaction goes up.

Automate your business

Ever stopped to count how much time you spend each day communicating? EndFirst helps you automate and make communication more effective. Spend your time delighting customers instead. Go out and do something wonderful.

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